About Me

Hi there, bookworms, nerds, and hobbits!

My name is Lillian, and I am on a steady diet of fantasy and speculative fiction novels of varying lengths. Occasionally I splurge on a contemporary or historical, but don’t tell anyone. I most enjoy stories with amazing worlds, sympathetic characters, twisty plots, and limited romance. If the mood strikes me, I work on my own stories.


I blog about writing tips I’ve learned the hard way, provide occasional prompts and questions for writers to torture—I mean ask—their characters, and discuss books. I have some discussion posts about romance in YA, inserting real-life politics in books, and who decides what’s cannon planned, so hang around if you’re interested. I hope to start blogging like I mean it as soon as life allows.

Some of my favorite authors include Mercedes Lackey, Rick Riordan, Jim Butcher, Brandon Sanderson, J. R. R. Tolkien, William Shakespeare, Brenna Yovanoff, Brian Jacques, and Gail Carriger. I highly suggest you go check them all out RIGHT NOW. Wait. That was rude. Please go check them out RIGHT NOW. There we go.


My novels feature strong family relationships and snarky, self-depreciative characters with a severe lack of self-preservation. Right now I’m crawling through the first draft of my WIP Darkspire, a steampunk-with-superpowers YA novel which takes place in an alternative future. I also write short stories. None of my works are yet published.

Most of my stories feature protagonists with type 1 diabetes, mostly because I have it and there’s not (m)any stories out there with diabetics. I am completely willing to answer questions about the disease, but my main focus is finding interesting ways to insert medical technology into fantasy realms, so please ask through my Contact page. If enough people are interested, I might do a post about it.

You can follow me on Goodreads for reviews, Pinterest for writing tips, prompts, and genre aesthetics, and Instagram for pretty purple pictures of books and book-themed things.