My Review Policy

Hi! I’m honored you’re considering me to review your novel, and I thank you.

I am currently open to review requests, but I have limited available time and as such any requests that make it clear you haven’t read my policy will be deleted immediately.


I enjoy reading fantasy and science fiction (mostly YA and adult, but sometimes middle grade), and occasionally read horror, historical fiction, and YA dystopian. I will consider accepting mashup genres that fall somewhere close to fantasy and/or science fiction. Although I occasionally make exceptions, I very rarely accept literary fiction, mysteries, and thrillers. I will not accept non-fiction or contemporary adult romance, unless it involves a protagonist with a disease or disability: see next paragraph for specifics.

I am particularly interested in YA novels featuring protagonists with disabilities or chronic illnesses, especially type one diabetes, which is a very personal topic for me. If your novel features strong representation of something like this, I will be more likely to consider your request.

Formats I accept:

As of this time I only accept physical copies: either finished copies or advanced reading copies. No ebooks, audiobooks, pdfs, or .doc files will be considered. I accept novels, novellas, short stories, and anthologies.

If you decided your book meets an acceptable genre and format, please include this information in your request:
  • Title and a short summary
  • Author(s) and publisher
  • Genre(s)
  • Novel length, in either page number or approximate words. This will affect the amount of time it takes me to read and I need to be prepared in order to meet any deadlines
  • Is your book part of a series or a standalone? If a series, how many books will be in the series?
  • If your book features a character with a disease or disability, please state if you have personal experience with the disability. Please be specific (you, family member, friend, occupation) so I know what to expect. (Please note that I will read and review regardless of whether or not it’s Own Voices; I just want to know why you’re writing about this.) As a reviewer with an incurable chronic disease, I highly value your enthusiasm about this.
  • Is there sexual content, graphic abuse, or gore? (Please note that I don’t necessarily mind reading books with such topics, but I prefer to be prepared when heading into them.)
  • The release date
  • If you have a time frame for the review to be posted. This will affect my decision as I may be unable to commit to that time frame

If you require a specific post date for my review, I request emails no less than two months before your targeted date. This accounts for the time to receive the book, read it, write a review, and post it. The earlier you submit a request to me, the better.

What happens if I accept your request?

Before sending me a review request, you should be aware that my acceptance of the request is by no means a guarantee that I will be able to read and/or review the book immediately or post the review within the expected time frame. If I accept your request I will try to get to it in a timely manner, but that is not always possible. Thank you for understanding.

If the book is an ARC, I will attempt to post the review on or around the release date. If there is a pre-release review schedule you have informed me of, I will attempt to post the review within the expected timeframe.

I post all of my reviews on Goodreads and occasionally on my blog. I also feature many books on my Instagram account over the summer.

I have the right to not post a review if a request was misleading or if I am not comfortable posting the review. Thank you for understanding.

What happens if I didn’t like the book?

All of my reviews are my honest opinion. If you are uncomfortable with the possibility of receiving a negative review, please reconsider sending me your request. I spend time reading these books and more time reviewing them. I have the right to share my honest opinion and I will not do otherwise. Thank you for understanding.

In addition to reviews, what else am I open to?

(As of right now, I do not have the time to participate in anything other than giving an honest review. This may change when the school year is done, and I will update this policy accordingly.)

  • Author interviews
  • Blog tours.  If I enjoyed the book or am familiar with the author, I will gladly consider participating in a blog tour. I will only participate in blog tours with interesting, exclusive content. I do not want the content to be copy and pasted blog to blog; I want something valuable and exciting for my readers.
Where should you contact me with your review request?

You can contact me, Lillian Taylor, at

If your request follows my guidelines and you haven’t heard from me in more than a week, I apologize. I might have been too busy to answer or I simply didn’t see it in my inbox. I try and answer every such email, though, as I am very grateful you’re offering me your book.

I am not paid to blog or review, and I take time away from the rest of my life in order to do so. Please keep this in mind when contacting me. I do not keep a strict reading schedule because it’s stressful and so I will only accept deadlines I can feasibly work with.

Thank you for reading this and offering me your book. I am very grateful you considered me and hope we can work together to promote your story!