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WIP: Darkspire

Genre: YA steampunk with super powers

Aubrey, a teenage scavenger with illegal fire powers, has been on the run ever since her neighbors turned on her. When mercenaries capture her only friend, a ten year old thief with absorption powers she considers her brother, she teams up with Jase, a strange firebrand she found trapped in an abandoned prison, to rescue him.

Aubrey and Jase leave the refuge of the Abandons to seek a ship to Darkspire, the capitol of the world and home to the kidnapping mercenaries. If they get caught, they will be killed, and there will be no chance for escape.

But they have more immediate problems to worry about.

Like the notorious pirate captain who offered to take them there, for a price; her superstitious crew, who are a little too good at finding secrets; and the ruthless mercenary General Ophelia Sulla, who’s still on their trail.

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