19 Wacky Questions to Ask your Characters

I like to outline my novels before I write anything. Extensively. Character interviews, pages (and pages) of world-building, a few more character interviews, outlines with word counts in the the ten thousands, and massive character interviews. You get where I’m going here. I’ve searched blogs, perused websites, and and ferreted (I feel like I'm using … Continue reading 19 Wacky Questions to Ask your Characters


Beautiful People: August 2017

For my first blog post, I’m going to start with a writing meme. (I know. Boring. But I’m tired, and this sounded fun.) Beautiful People is a monthly-ish meme sent out by Cait @ Paperfury  and Sky @ Further Up and Further In. I highly recommend it! The questions are fun, and often tricky to … Continue reading Beautiful People: August 2017


Hello all! I have enjoyed the geek blogosphere for about four years now (I didn’t pay attention to when I started, so this is really just a random number pulled out of the ether, but let’s ignore that), and I decided it’s about time I join in the fun. On this blog, I will share … Continue reading Welcome!